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21 березня компанія TransferWise починає новий весінній сезон Product & TechTalks. Цього разу на вас очікують 2 дуже цікавих спікера:

Yevhenii Voievodin

Title: “Building robust monitoring with Grafana and Prometheus”

During the talk we’re going to cover the following topics:

  • What is metric, why metrics are important ?
  • What to measure and how ?
  • Using _Grafana_ and _Prometheus_ to build robust dashboards.


Vadim Vasyliev

Title: “How to ace product company interviews”


For the past 1.5 years Vadym has been helping to launch new office of TransferWise in Singapore. Local engineering team has grown from 1 to 25 engineers over this period and to get there has reviewed more than 7000 applicants to software engineering positions. The aim of this talk – is to share a view from the ‘other side’ of interviewing table and help you to find answers to:

  • What criteria to consider when choosing your next place to work?
  • What to expect from the product company interview, what is likely to happen during the process?
  • How to prepare to technical and product interviews? What can make your CV stronger?
  • What kind of questions you need to ask? What are the parts of the offer? (salary, stock, benefits etc.)

По закінченню івента за традицією організатори запрошують усіх на коротку Q & A сесію, снеки і звичайно піцу.

Реєстрація за посиланням →

Коли: 21 березня, початок о 19:00

Локація: Черкаси, вул. Смілянська 46 (Офіс компанії TransferWise)

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